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“I shared the two home page options with a friend. She said you have incredible visual capacities, she’d never seen anything quite like your work, and each so different. (I’d showed her your sample websites, too.) She says I’m working with a person with a real gift for the advertising image. Just thought you’d like to know.”  ~ Marilyn Coffey, author

“Ever wish you had a webmaster who shared your vision? Denise Cassino not only can envision your dream website–she gets it. The best part is, she puts your creative ideas and images to work just the way you want them.”  ~Cal Orey, author

“Still getting compliments…Men from countries all over are hitting on me. This is very exciting. Gee, new article for Complete Woman?  And I owe it all to you.” ~ Cal Orey

“Wow. You’re talents are amazing, Denise.”

“I am so glad you did my website. Compliments continue to come my way.”

“I am so thrilled at how this is turning out. To think I told everyone, “I don’t need a website.” You are so creative. I love the dog and me photo…It adds warmth.”

“It’s really looking great! trees, trees, trees…”

“Gee, you’re fast. How did you do that? My gosh!”

“Wow!  I am impressed!”

“You are incredible.  And work fast!”

“You have been wonderful.  I can only thank you a million times for everything!  :-)”

“Overall, I think it looks good and you have gotten a lot more done than I imagined possible.”

“That is absolutely brilliant, Denise. Love it, love it, love it!”

“My husband just took a look at this site and absolutely LOVES everything about it!!! ‘Denise really knows what she’s doing,’ he said.


1. Marie Delgado Travis - March 28, 2010

Denise Cassino designed a gorgeous website for me, see http://www.mariedelgadotravis.com . She has also helped me with mini-promotions, which included social media and press releases. They’ve resulted in a significant increase in hits to my site, as well as a bump in mentions of my work on Google. She is a friend in DEED!

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