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Anna Maria Prezio Interviews Beaver Advocate on her Radio Show, Spiritual Animals October 12, 2008

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There are so many misconceptions about beavers. Sherri Tippie, Colorado’s only licensed trapper and relocator of beavers says, “I was born for beavers”. On Spiritual Animals Radio Talk Show, Sherri will be sharing with us her mazing stories of trapping, relocating and the spiritual nature of the beaver, an almost extinct animal in the early 1900’s.

Educating the public about the many benefits that beavers provide, legislation to control lethal trapping, and the human conflicts are key points that Sherri Tippie will address.

Did you know that beavers mate for life?

Did you know that the beaver is a spiritual animal revered by American Indians?

Did you know that beavers change their habitat to accommodate the environment?

Beavers are “living dowsers” because they slow down water, improve water quality, slow erosion, control invasive creatures and create a healthier environment. They build dams and have the ability to engineer our landscape. “85% of all wildlife at some point depend on the habitats that beavers create” says Sherri Tippie. She will let us in on secrets that will awaken your spirit!

Join us on Monday, October 13th at 5pm PST for “All About Beavers!”




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