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Denise Cassino

Denise Cassino wears many hats.  From editor to publisher to writing school director, she has advanced to creative website design and marketing with a focus on book and authors.  Utilizing Web 2.0 Marketing techniques, Denise focuses on blog marketing, networking, inbound linking and book marking.  Together these methods help promote the website and business by spreading the word via the Internet. 

Seventy percent of what the search engines look for is popularity, so the more times your website URL appears in your blog, web pages and those of others, the higher recognition Google and the other search engines give you.

Denise also utilizes the contacts she has developed over the last eight years in the writing world to arrange virtual book tours where other websites and blogs host an author for a day, week or month, posting pertinent information, book summaries, interviews and book reviews. 

Networking via inbound linking, blogging with directed links and Virtual Book Tours combined are an effective approach to getting the word out on a given book.

Denise also arranges radio interview, speaking engagements and promotional opportunities while offering her authors tips on how to market on the local level.



1. Susan Hornbach - October 18, 2008

I’m having my first two books published sometime in 2009. I know the importance of promoting myself as well as my books. I would like to know what it would cost to build a website and blog that would actually put my books out there in a way they will be noticed in the children’s world above the other thousands of books. Is there a way to actually do that? I wasn’t able to join your groups in the conference because I don’t know how to build a web or a blog.

2. Cal Orey - March 28, 2010

Love the YouTube. Wow! Makes me think that I should hire you for my next Healing Powers book (now in the works). I admit I can do PR work but let’s face it it’s work. Rather write the book, and another, do my intuitive work and have you be my publicist. I’d feel like royality! I still get compliments on my website–you continually make my visions come to life. So, I’m sure your PR efforts would do the same. That’s my prediction.

3. Rosemary Chaulk - March 28, 2010

I have been using Denise Cassino for a few years now. She designed my web page http://www.rosemarychaulk.com The wonderful webpage she designed for me has brought many people to my site.

Rosemary Chaulk
Author “Nissitissit Witch”

4. Robert Flynn - March 28, 2010

I like the promotion, Denise. I’ll say amen to everything Maureen Mulvaney said. I hope your charm isn’t restricted to the Irish but as you know, I could hardly get on the internet when you took me under your wing (metaphorically speaking) and taught me (several times) how to do things that I should have learned in the first lesson. I hope you and Maureen great success in what is turning out to be a good year for me also.

5. Robert Flynn - March 29, 2010

Denise, I realized that you don’t have the details on my “good year.” My out-of-print Vietnam novel, “The Last Klick,” has been digitalized and is now available on Kindle or for download to your computer. My novel, “Echoes of Glory,” is going to receive a Spur Award from Western Writers of America as best long novel of 2009, and a new novel, “Jade,” will be published by summer. For me, that’s a very good beginning for the year.

6. Editor - January 24, 2011

Read this if you want to save your home from foreclosure.

I know so many people who want to save their homes from foreclosure. We all know someone who is close to losing their home. If this is not relevant, then delete it. I am sharing this with anyone who needs help to stop the bank from foreclosure. This has been a solution for many all across the country.

Listen to the 6 part interview and watch the videos. You can forward this to any friends or family. This may be able to help.

The two law firms below have filed law suits against most large lenders, or are planning to do so. They are offering to represent you in your fight to save your home and get a fair mortgage. The goal is to make predatory lenders and banks accountable for the fraud they committed that has collapsed the housing industry and threatened
These law firms seek to stop foreclosures and continue to sue the major banks and lenders for monetary relief, compensation for damages
and unfair practices, potential note elimination and changes to the terms of your loan. They are seeking clients that wish to retain them to be represented as named plaintiffs in these ongoing and additional law suits.
Kramer & Kaslow, a Martindale AV rated 5 star litigation firm, having been at the forefront of case law for over 26 years, has joined forces
with MJ Stein and Associates, a National recognized litigation force, and formed a Strategic Litigation Alliance to take the homeowners fight directly to the courts. The Litigation Alliance formed by these two powerhouses are now filing, in concert, Mass Joinder cases against the nation’s leading and largest lenders, and servicers. Included in the target list is JP Morgan, Chase/Wamu, One West, IndyMac, GMAC, Wells Fargo/Wachovia and Citibank.
Others are anticipated to enter the crosshairs monthly. As some of the nation’s top trial lawyers, they have banned together and are beating
the banks. These are the lawyers who previously represented these very banks; the lawyers who — for years — have gone to Court and “ended the madness” for many clients; the lawyers who know their way around the courthouses better than nyone. Already, MJ Stein and Associates has filed a Mass Joinder case in 2009 that remains pending against Bank of America (and Countrywide) and includes thousands of Californians. This case is now going national.
These lawyers have invoked laws and procedures the banks were previously unaware of, and Bank of America is getting beat at their own game because of it. Two weeks ago, the Bank of America was forced to admit that it had been defrauding the government in foreclosing on mortgages nationwide.
Furthermore, on October 4, 2010, the Honorable Manuel Real of the United States District Court called the Bank’s primary argument “absurd” and kicked the Bank out of Federal Court. The case is now proceeding in the trial court, and the Mass Joinder of plaintiffs from around the Country is expanding.
It may be that the Bank is unable to recover under any of their promissory notes, or that the Bank has made other errors that will cause other penalties to be levied against them. In this case alone, they have racked up consecutive wins in each round with Bank of America’s more than formidable litigation resources, and unlimited
defense budget (how much of that is the homeowners money?) to placed this 12 rounder clearly in their corner.
Score to date:
· Five injunctions.
· The order of Judge Chaney RESCINDING 9 notices of default (never
before done in California legal history).
· An order ordering Bank of America to submit to discovery.
· An order kicking Bank of America out of federal court when they
tried to “run and hide.
· Countless additional orders stopping foreclosure sales and an order
that Ronald v BOA is not “Preempted by Federal Law.”
We will not make any guarantees, and we recognize that litigation is
unpredictable, however, we know that the current process of “negotiating” is not working. We have a new and better approach, and the only downside for the homeowner is that they will transition away from the current platform of begging the banks to do something that they have already decided they will not do and the homeowner will
become a joined plaintiff in a national lawsuit that will seek, among other things, to void their note(s) and to award relief and monetary
Taking Our Country Back One Home at a Time.
Thank You,

Dr. Anna Maria Prezio PLEASE PASS THIS ON

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